Mount Abu

Find yourself on a plateau overlooking dense trees as you bask in the beauty that's Mount Abu. This destination is unlike any other in India because it can be found in the Aravallis range, which is far above sea level.

In fact, royal families of the past used to come to Mount Abu as a way to escape the summer heat. Today, this amazing city is home to many religious people and a welcoming location for tourists. The deep-green forest takes center stage as you come upon Mount Abu. Many buildings are nestled within these trees, and the shade is another perk of exploring this land.

Carve out an entire day to visit the wildlife sanctuary that calls Mount Abu home. Countless numbers of birds can be found here. With so many lakes and waterfalls in the immediate region, it makes sense that the wildlife would thrive in and around Mount Abu. Don't overlook man's contribution to this oasis either. Several temples and other religious buildings are part of the landscape.

Take a walk around the city to see all of the architecture that defines Mount Abu's culture. The history surrounding this city is fascinating enough to bring in tourists from every walk of life.

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