There's a whole other side to India when you trek off into the desert. Visit Bikaner, which can be found within the Thar Desert. This simple corner of the world is known for its amazing buildings built many decades ago. You can't miss the stunning Junagarh Fort with its tall walls and detailed architecture.

Bikaner tends to have fewer tourists than other areas, which means that you can casually stroll around the city's buildings while contemplating the history found within its walls.

One of the highlights of Bikaner lies with its camel tours. Hop onto these tall and remarkably friendly creatures to see the desert from a new perspective. Many of these tours will go past nearby landmarks, such as the royal tombs. Be sure to wear light-colored clothing so that you remain cool and comfortable on these amazing rides.

Take some time to explore the shops within Bikaner too. This city is known for its wool shawls, candy and crafts. It has many industrial pursuits too, but tourists can focus on the history and handmade items found along the streets.

Discovering Bikaner gives you a better look at India as you learn more about the culture across the miles.