Find yourself in the middle of "Pink City" when you visit Jaipur. This unusual moniker is derived from the uniform color of the buildings that flank nearly every street. Pink is their defining color. Alongside these historic buildings are busy streets with motorbikes, rickshaws and other vehicles heading towards their destinations.

Tourists are encouraged to join in on the fun as you dart between vehicles on your way to the numerous shops that line the street. In fact, Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Its busy economy and business districts tell you that India is flourishing in every corner of the land.

There are plenty of cultural landmarks to visit in Jaipur, such as the Ram Bagh and City palaces. A sight that's bound to thrill is the Hawa Mahal where you can find distinct architecture along every crevice. Take some time out to see the open-air observatory called the Jantar Mantar too. It's been named as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which protects it indefinitely.

When you need a breather, consider a trek to the city's outskirts where hills and plains dominate the landscape to one side and desert to the opposite side. Jaipur is definitely a sight to see in person.