For art lovers across the globe, Mandawa, is a hidden treasure. Art can be seen on so many buildings within this town that you could take a day or two to appreciate it all. Some of the artwork has been around for several centuries, which gives the town a historical appeal to tourists and locals alike.

It's easy to get around Mandawa because of its simple layout. The main street where most commerce takes place is also the location of the centralized hotel. Visit the vendors, check into your hotel and then venture out to the smaller streets that connect to the main drag. Murals and other art pieces are found throughout the town.

Don't forget to visit the fort that's a major part of the skyline. Find peacocks, a fountain and other garden treasures at this tourist attraction. There are plenty of great spots to shoot glorious photos to share with loved ones at home. This town may not be bustling like a state capital, but Mandawa offers quaint attractions with friendly people. Explore this old town and become captivated by the relaxation that's part of its charm.

Mandawa is a historic destination with stories behind every painting.

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