Haridwar is a destination that's designed to bolster your religious beliefs while encouraging you to mingle with the locals. It's located at the base of the Himalayas where the River Ganges flows freely.

Along this shoreline, you'll discover many areas where people line up each night. They're present for worshiping and to partake in activities associated with their faith. If you find yourself at the famous ghat called Har Ki Pauri, every night can be a time to remember loved ones who've passed on. Lights attached to floats are typically set off in the River Ganges as people gather together in solidarity. The beauty of the worshiping along with the locals is an experience that's bound to enthrall every traveler.

This city is also home to many temples, such as the Chandi Devi. Each temple has its own history. They're often free or low cost to explore, which makes them valuable additions to any vacation. Be aware of any courtesies surrounding each temple, such as using hushed voices or taking off the shoes. Respect in the Indian culture is always a good way to ingratiate yourself with the locals.

Visit Haridwar any time of year to feel the spirits within the land and ancient structures.

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