The humble city of Bageshwar is home to many temples and natural wonders. Many travelers come to Bageshwar to get away from everyday life. The people, villages and lifestyle are entirely calm and laid back.

You might consider a hiking vacation when visiting Bageshwar, for example. Hike to the famous Gauri Udiyar Cave, which houses a temple and historical artifacts. The destination isn't the only excitement either. Along the way, be on the lookout for breathtaking views, including mountains, flowers, trees and plenty of animal life.

If you'd like to stay closer to town, consider a day trip to Bagnath Temple. It's located right in the heart of Bageshwar. Learn about the history and faith that supports this community. Locals are happy to discuss their place in Indian culture. This small region remains friendly and open to visitors over the years. In fact, one of the most awe-inspiring parts of this city is called Baijnath. It's home to many temples that you can stroll past and contemplate their creation.

A nearby river completes the picture of this area. Explore Bageshwar as a visitor and become one with the people. This picturesque space invites you to live and learn about ancient and modern life of the Indian people.

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