Whether you're looking for a fast-paced adventure or meditative retreat, Rishikesh is a city that offers both interests. Orange-tinted rooftops define Rishikesh, and its history with locals and visitors is just as eclectic. In fact, the Beatles visited this area in the 1960s, which made it famous by that fact alone.

Currently, visitors flock to Rishikesh because of its many yoga opportunities. There's even laughter therapy in the form of yoga. The Ganges River flows just along the edge of Rishikesh, so this body of water plays a big part for visitors as they seek out meditative locations.

Adventure may be on your mind, which makes Rishikesh a perfect stomping ground for you. Start off your Himalayan adventure here, or take a chance on a whitewater-rafting experience. Recreation is a major draw for backpackers and other adventure seekers. Simply ask the locals about the latest offerings.

Keep in mind that each night belongs to the holy men who perform river ceremonies along the Ganges. Adventure and spirituality go hand in hand in Rishikesh, which makes this city a highlight on any India tour.

Explore the city with an open mind as you enjoy the lush trees surrounding the historical buildings and welcoming locals.


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