When you want to touch the heavens, a trip to Joshimath will fulfill your wishes as you walk among the clouds. This city calls the mountains home with plenty of adventures to be found as you explore this region.

The elevation hovers around 6,000 feet, so be sure to take your time as you challenge yourself on hikes and other strenuous diversions. The locals have long acclimated to this elevation, which gives everyone a chance to really take in the sights without hurrying through the day.

Begin your trip with a trek through the Nanda Devi National Park. It's big enough for visitors to spread out so that densely packed areas are almost nonexistent. Look for flora and fauna out here that are difficult to find in any other location too. This preserve allows nature to flourish with visitors being respectful of the surroundings.

Alternatively, set out from Joshimath to Ghangaria. It's also set deep in the mountains, which makes the journey just as exciting as the destination. In fact, many activities in and around Joshimath are associated with hiking to pilgrimage areas and other trails.

Create an adventurous itinerary in Joshimath today. The scenery, people, flora and fauna are unforgettable reflections of India's beauty.

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