Unbelievable scenery, historical buildings and so much more can be found in the city of Dehradun. This community is defined by the foothills that it rests beneath; the Himalayas are just a glance away. At the base of these mountains are plenty of attractions that are sure to please any traveler.

Robber's Cave is a perfect example of a hidden treasure formed by the mountains and water that flows through the area. Find other water features in Dehradun too, such as Lacchiwalla and Sahastradhara. Babbling brooks, small waterfalls and plentiful sunshine make these destinations perfect for a reprieve from everyday traveling. The water and surroundings encourage you to picnic, nap and enjoy each other's company for a bit.

Gather your energy, and go see the Paltan Bazaar. This bustling shopping area has everything you can imagine to enjoy your stay in India. With your bags full of goodies, drop them off at your hotel before visiting Tapkeshwar Temple or Dehradun Zoo. Both of these attractions show off the history and beauty of this unique city.

India's people encourages you to explore Dehradun throughout the year as you learn more about the culture and history. Dehradun is a gorgeous example of India's beauty.

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