Jim Corbett Park


Learn all about nature and its delicate balance by visiting Jim Corbett Park in India. Designated as a national park, this region is home to both curious animals and lush plant life.

When you visit this park and participate in its approved activities, you're supporting a good cause. A large part of this park is a reserve, which allows sensitive and endangered animals to live without threat of extinction. Find countless numbers of birds, Bengal tigers, leopards and Indian elephants at this park.

This huge region is roughly divided between two types of topographies, including grasslands and dense forest. Animals trek across the grasslands, and they largely hide within the forest. There are ecotours that can take you to some of the most popular animals with safety in mind for both people and wildlife too.

There are plenty of hikes within the park as well. Find amazing plants and blossoms, depending on the time of year. Keep in mind that the rainy season is usually in the summer. A spring or fall visit may be more comfortable for every person and animal. Practice respect as you move through the park and leave nothing behind. The animals would thank you if they could.

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