Kangra Fort

Forts were designed to ward off enemies and protect people and possessions within stone walls. One fort that's a breathtaking example of human ingenuity is the Kangra Fort in India. Thousands of years have passed since it was constructed, and its walls still tower into the sky today. Find yourself in another world when you visit this iconic landmark.

A dizzying history

The Kangra Fort came out of the Katoch Dynasty where countless numbers of battles occurred. In fact, many of these conflicts were between royal families who demanded control of the fort. After years of multiple rulers, the fort was under control of Maharaja Susharma Chandra. He safeguarded the fort, and continued to keep it free from invaders for many years afterward.

Understandably, stories surrounding the fort are difficult to verify. Because the fort is thought to be more than 3,000 years old, an accurate history can be hard to pin down.

Tempting wells

A distinct detail about Kangra Fort is the treasure buried within. Most forts hold some sort of bounty, but this structure has wells. In fact, some historians believe that there are about 21 wells with unknown treasures buried deep within the fort.

In the past, several invaders were able to loot some of the wells. Today, however, there are many wells that haven't even been found. The fort continues to hold mysteries into the 21st century.

Clever design

As you walk around Kangra Fort, take careful notice of the details built into the structure. The main entryway is extremely narrow. In fact, it wasn't unusual for invaders to lose their heads quite literally as they tried to pass through this way. The entryway only allows one horse's width or two lean people in at a time. This ingenious idea of traffic control stopped most armies from infiltrating the fort. Only a heroic few may have tried to enter through this way and met with resounding force.

Nearby temples

Visitors to the fort may be surprised by the busiest section on the property. Many people visit the temples that reside just along the fort's perimeter. They meditate, pray and worship on a regular basis. You'll find the Lakshmi Narayan, Ambika Devi, and Lord Mahavira temples at the fort. The royals are in charge of the temples, which protects them from weathering and damages over the years.

Finding your way to the fort

There are two primary ways of getting to the fort: flying and via bus lines. Fly to the Dharamshala area, and hire a taxi to get you to the fort's front gates.

Alternatively, try a bus ride from Delhi. Although it's a long stretch between Delhi and Kangra, the 13-hour ride gives you a great view of the surrounding land.

Whether you're interested in history, meditation or simply curious about Kangra Fort, this site is definitely a day-long visit on anyone's itinerary. Get to know India's amazing history as battles, triumphs and royalty rule the tales. You may want to stay longer as you learn more about this fort.

Must know things about Kangra Fort

The Kangra Fort was built by the royal Rajput family of Kangra State (the Katoch dynasty).
Kangra Fort is more than 3,000 years old.
By Air - The nearest airport is Gaggal which is approximately 14 km away from Fort. By Road - Nearest bus stand is Kangra which is approximately 4 km away from Fort.

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