Uttar Pradesh

If you're looking for one of the oldest parts of India, visit Varanasi today. It's nearly 3,000 years old with rituals that date back almost as far. The main geological treasure in this area is the Ganges River. It's made famous for its use as a bathing area and drinking point among the native people.

Many visitors enjoy a boat ride along the Ganges so that they can see all of the sites along the way. Whether it's sunrise or sunset, there's always something to see and enjoy along this famous waterway.

Experience Hinduism from afar as you watch believers bathe in the Ganges and wash away their sins. In addition, this region is also known for its funeral pyres, which involves cremation along the river's edge. In fact, Varanasi is one of the most spiritual places in India. Worship, pray and offer a period of silence for your deity of choice.

Although it's a bustling city center, Varanasi and its people are respectful of religion and rituals at any time of day. This "City of Lights" is where you can find peace and calm in the realms of life and death.

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India is a vast land of cultural, linguistic, and geographical diversity. On the north, the Himalayas border the country, the west has deserts and salt plains, while the east has lush tropical terrain. The southern peninsula is harboured by a coastline that stretches about 6100 km.

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