Uttar Pradesh

Rediscover Sarnath, where Buddha previously visited and preached his teachings. This religious site is one of four that are part of the Buddhist Circuit. If you're a believer, Sarnath should be on your list to visit at some point in life.

In this city, history comes alive with local landmarks and stories told by the native people. Sarnath was largely defeated and lost back in the 12th century. Explorers in the 19th century came upon Sarnath, and its glory shines once more today.

What makes Sarnath so important in the Buddhist faith is the teachings that occurred here. It's thought that Buddha's sermon after he attained enlightenment was given right here. He discussed the four noble truths that formed the Buddhist faith itself. Visiting this land can complete your evolution on a spiritual level.

Walk or bicycle around the monuments. Listen to the wind as it whistles around the ancient buildings. It's not unusual to see monks walking among the rocks and buildings in Sarnath too. Feel free to discuss Buddhism with them or simply take in the silence. Sarnath is a sacred place that deserves respect and reverence.

Your trip to Sarnath can be a memorable one with the history of Buddha in mind.

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