There's so much to see in Mathura, including a magnificent river and two dozen ghats. In India, ghats refer to the steps that line a waterway. They allow easy access to the water for bathing, rituals and other necessities.

The river that decorates Mathura is the Yamuna. Take a boat along this river to see all 25 ghats. In the distance, you might see the temples that give Mathura its unique presence in the Hindu world. It's considered one of seven sacred cities.

Visitors might notice pilgrims from around the globe in the city as they learn and worship as they please. The history and religious importance that fills Mathura is inspirational as you walk among the people and gaze at the amazing temples.

The ruins of monasteries from long ago cannot be seen anymore, but visitors are encouraged to visit the Archaeological Museum to see treasures from some of the oldest buildings that were destroyed long ago. Mathura has always been an important site because of its honor of being the birthplace of the god Krishna.

There are many landmarks to enjoy too, so be sure to spend more than one day in Mathura. The beauty, history and people will welcome you with open arms.

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