Become one with your spiritual side by visiting Kushinagar. This city is known as one of the main pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. It's reportedly the location of Buddha's death and cremation as well. In fact, many monks live in Kushinagar where they pray and contemplate life.

If you're looking for a peaceful retreat in which you can discover your faith, Kushinagar is a perfect region for introspection.

Tours are particularly popular in Kushinagar because locals take you to every point of interest. They can tell you a lot about the area's history as you take in the sights. There are plenty of buildings to admire along with a nearby park.

Don't miss out on a tour of the Mahaparinirvana Temple or Ramabhar Stupa. Both of these attractions pose both historical and religious questions to every visitor. Contemplate life as you walk around the buildings that have stood for ages.

Don't overlook mingling with the locals either. You're welcome to speak to the monks who live in and around Kushinagar. They're proud of their home, and it's always an honor to learn more about Buddhism from a true, religious person.

Find a new level of faith and peace as you enjoy Kushinagar on your next trip.

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