India may be known for its warm temperatures and desert-like climate, but the hill station community called Uttarkashi is a distinct contrast. This city sits among the mountains where valleys and water features give this place its serene appearance. Find yourself with just a short trip to Uttarkashi.

Start out with a look at Dodital Lake. It's actually a freshwater lake that's fed by the surrounding mountains. Visitors can hike, relax and contemplate life around this landmark. Another water feature that has a man-made component is Maneri Dam. Take a close look at how the river is used to support the locals with water and energy. It also doubles as a perfect place to see alpine scenery and wildlife.

Add the many temples that you'll find in Uttarkashi to your itinerary, such as the Shakti Temple. This entire area is known for its religious practices and pilgrimage sites. The wondrous Himalayas that surround this city are inspirational when it comes to spirituality and finding your place in this world.

From trekking across breathtaking valleys to enjoying the local flavors, Uttarkashi is a community that's thriving in a modern world. The glaciers and snowy peaks give this land its beauty and awe for visitors around the world.

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