The Himalayas are the backdrop to the historical city of Pithoragarh. Come here to find another level of faith because there are many landmarks dedicated to religion, including Dhwaj Temple.

Many believers congregate here as the scenery and temple structure provide inspiration. The city of Pithoragarh is quite humble, so walking to most landmarks is commonplace. There may be a few destinations you'll want to take outside of the city too. There's plenty to see and do in this scenic region.

A distinct landmark that every traveler should put on his or her itinerary is a visit to the Kapilaswar Cave. It's actually a temple for the Lord Mahadev that also includes views of the surrounding mountains. Also add the Pithoragarh Fort to your bucket list. Look out on the mountains and gaze into the valleys at this fort that's over 200 years old. Consider the history that this structure has endured.

Pithoragarh is a city with many landmarks that are dedicated to history, religion and local culture. Be sure to walk within the city's main streets and branch out from there. You'll have a chance to see and feel the pulse of the people as India finds its way into your heart.

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