Varkala, Kerala

Varkala is a unique location in India because it gives you a mixture of both solitude and bustling city all wrapped into one place. In fact, travelers of different means discover something valuable about Varkala with each trip. Step down onto the beach where you'll find plenty of people basking in the sun. Walk just a bit more north or south of the main beach, and you'll find that few people wander away from the busy center. You might sit, nap or meditate in these quieter areas. Gaze up at the nearby cliffs that are boldly colored red by nature too. Varkala is a wonder to see on your own or with a loved one.

For a bit of culture, take a trip to the Janardhana Temple where Hindus often worship. It's also a pilgrimage site, which is fascinating for travelers to experience. If you want some retail therapy, there are plenty of shops that line the coastal area as well. Food, clothing and trinkets are constantly being flashed and sold by local vendors. In Varkala, pick your favorite spot to dream in or shop within. This city is a reflection of its proud people as you learn more about Hinduism, nature or yourself.

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