Thrissur, Kerala

From waterfalls to temples, Thrissur offers a distinct retreat for any traveler. Start out at one of the grandest locations called the Vadakummnathan Temple. It's home to many artifacts, including hundreds of murals, along with performances by the locals at set times. The structure itself is an amazing creation that dazzles the eyes especially at sunset. Be sure to visit another site that's sure to impress at the Vadakkekara Palace. Venture inside to see the sculptures and other fine relics, but don't overlook the beauty found outside. Many gardens with sculpted plants are ready to be explored and appreciated.

When you want to become one with nature, explore the water features around Thrissur. You'll find Charpa and Athirappilly Falls nearby, which are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. In fact, you can hold a picnic near these waterways so that you can really focus on the land and water. Lake Vachumaram is also close by, so be sure to take a day trip to these locations. Hurrying through nature isn't the best way to see everything. Thrissur is full of friendly faces and historical treasures. Plan out your trip during any season so that you can see every highlight.

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