Rekong Peo

Himachal Pradesh

When you're looking for a convenient place to explore Himachal Pradesh in India, Rekong Peo is a perfect town to start in. It's actually a transportation hub for the surrounding area, which includes administrative offices for the Kinnaur district. Don't overlook the beauty and activities that can be found in Rekong Peo, however. In fact, most locals simply refer to it as Peo as they're extremely proud of their town.

One of the largest markets resides in Peo. Locals and tourists alike can shop, trade and barter at this location. As you collect your goods, venture off to nearby towns for even more excitement. Buses leave Peo on a regular basis, which allows you to explore Spiti or even Kalpa. Peo is also a travel destination for people looking for the high holy rock pillar or Shivalinga. Visitors come to Peo every year to see this landmark and satisfy their spiritual beliefs.

The Greater Himalayas are your backdrop as you explore the town, nearby valley and local attractions. Look for the Chandi Mata Temple that's sacred to Hindus, for example. There are many other attractions to enjoy in Peo as you set off to discover culture, history and natural wonders.

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