Himachal Pradesh

The beautiful town of Rampur nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh is known for its transportation opportunities. Taking a bus to Rampur gives you several options, such as traveling to Sarahan, Rekong Peo or Shimla. In fact, the history of this region reminds everyone that it used to provide passage to Hindus and Buddhists as they sought out their sacred lands. Although Rampur isn't as busy as it once was, it still offers a distinct experience as you move through Himachal Pradesh.

It's hard to miss the centralized palace that was once used by the Bushahr rajas in the 1700s and beyond. This structure has been converted into a hotel for modern purposes, but it still retains its history as you explore the grounds. One of the best ways to experience Rampur is to visit during the Lavi fair.

Locals and visitors congregate in the town so that trading goods can take place. In fact, this fair has been active for several hundred years. During the trading, cultural events and performances take place so that you can see the people's history come alive. Secure a stay in a hotel well before the fair because Rampur is popular in the autumn.

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