When you're looking for a place where you can step off on many different adventures, Kaza, is the place to be. It's situated in the Western Himalayas where the elevation makes the region a cold desert.

Plan out your trip in Kaza as you explore nearby communities, such as Kinnaur to the south or Langza as a high-altitude retreat. Kaza is unique because it offers the best of both old and new worlds. In fact, it's divided into two sections referred to as Kaza Khas and Kaza Soma.

Find modern, administrative buildings in Kaza Soma. This area is meant to be the governmental side to this ancient world. Alternatively, head over to the older side of Kaza. This area is known for its cafes and bazaar. Depending on the season, there may be festivals being held in Kaza Khas. There's a strong connection to spirituality here, which might emanate from Buddhist influences.

Explore local shops and eateries while taking in the peace and tranquility that this religion encourages. Visitors can meditate, hike and discover history in Kaza. The locals welcome everyone to stay in town as you venture out to smaller communities during the day.

Kaza is an entire world that deserves exploration.