Himachal Pradesh

Chamba is a city that's been part of the India landscape for more than 1,000 years. It's seen its share of strife, including British influences, but the city continues to thrive with its beautiful people and faith in their chosen deities.

As a visitor, you'll be greeted by several temples that have their own histories. You're welcome to walk in and around these amazing buildings. Don't overlook the local museum either, which is a testament to local ingenuity, history and humanity. Surrounding these landmarks are plenty of shops and markets to thrill the eye, mind and stomach.

If you come upon a large, grassy area, you've discovered Chowgan. This wide-open space is where locals congregate for countless events. They might play sports, hold a festival or just linger on a sunny day. The local people work hard for a living, but they also appreciate the simple things in life. Find your peace of mind by relaxing at Chowgan too.

With a refreshed mind and body, head over to the Ravi River where you can watch the water flow with the topography. Many birds, fish and wildlife thrive here, which gives you another sight to behold as you enjoy Chamba's distinct charm.

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