Leh Ladakh

When you reach the breathtaking land of Ladakh, you're taken aback by the numerous Buddhas decorating the spaces. This region is home to an ex-kingdom ruled by Tibetan Buddhists.

Although it's not the centerpiece of the government today, Ladakh has actually grown into a unique place where the faithful can come to worship and meditate. In fact, Ladakh is home to countless numbers of gompas or monasteries where monks live out their spiritual lives. Look past the gompas to the jagged mountains that protect these structures. Ladakh is a mixture of peaceful retreats and natural reminders that the mountains rule the land through the ages.

As you explore the area, consider diving into the delicacies found in Ladakh. Locals serve thukpa, pava, dumplings and even khambish when all the ingredients are in season. The food and activities differ based on the time of year that you visit. Spring and summer are popular times to explore the nearby lakes, trails and rock climbs in Ladakh.

If you want to experience a harsher climate, fall and winter can be exhilarating with stormy weather at a high elevation. Come to Ladakh so that you can see another side of India and discover a new part of yourself.

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