Kargil may be known as the site of the 74-day war in 1999, but locals have a different viewpoint. This land is a humble grouping of merchants, workshops and homes. In fact, many people visit Kargil to enjoy the people and accompanying workmanship among their foods and products.

At nearly 9,000 feet in elevation, Kargil has a distinct climate that must be considered as you plan a trip. The winters can be extremely cold, but the spring and summer are often pleasant during the day.

This town is actually the second largest in Ladakh. With almost 20,000 residents, Kargil can appear both quaint and busy at the same time. Start your day out early so that you can explore without the crowded streets. Tall trees nestled against the nearby mountains create a picturesque quality to any photograph or hiking adventure. A gorgeous river runs through Kargil, and you can hear the gurgling water in almost every corner of the town.

If you're looking for a reprieve from the outdoors, enjoy the town's museum that covers its history along the Silk Route. Many traders and warriors have lived and moved through Kargil, which gives this town an amazing history to explore.

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