Thrill nearly everyone in your tourist group by visiting the quaint community of Srinagar. It's easy to find Srinagar by simply locating its main landmark: Dal Lake. This body of water isn't just a tiny pond either. You can enjoy the houseboats and gondolas that ride along on the water each day.

While enjoying the lake, you can choose between a quiet or busy day out in Srinagar. For an adventurous day, seek out the bazaars and mosques nestled on one side of the region. If you need a rest from all the excitement, turn to the Mughal Gardens. Walk among the plants to feel one with nature as you explore this unique land.

Many people visit in order to see the Sufi shrines. As you pay your respects, consider a produce purchase from the locals nearby. Srinagar is known for its amazing nuts, including almonds and walnuts, as well as crisp apples. The locals also use their natural resources for a cuisine that's distinctly from Kashmir. India's history and know-how come together in delicious ways that are memorable down to the last bite.

Visiting Srinagar will be an event that everyone enjoys, from walking the ancient lands to speaking with the friendly locals.

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