As it is with the cultures and religions in India, weather in India is also diversified in nature. In the South region of the country, it is tropical weather leading to very hot during summer and too cold in winters. On the other side, in North, the weather is sub-tropical which means that it is cooler compared to South. The Himalayas region can get extremely cold.

If one looking for the weather information for traveling purpose, then the best time to avoid travel is the months from March to May as it is really very hot in all parts of the country.

Winter Season

The complete impact of winter season in India can be seen during the months from November to February and can be safely called as tourist season for most of the parts of the country. Temperature during daytime is quite comfortable; however it is very low at night. The temperature during this time period often remains at 20 degree Celsius or less. States like Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir are cooler and most part of Kashmir witness snow fall during this time.

In the South India, it s never a winter season, the weather here is in contrast with that of in the northern part of the country where the freezing temperature is noticed.

This is the time to hit the beaches in the country. A large number of people move towards the beaches to relax and enjoy on the vast beaches of Goa. South India is also the most enjoyed place during this time as other than these months it is very hot and humid there.

Summer Season

Summer season in India is from the month of March to May. Weather begins to change from February itself in the northern planes and thereafter in the remaining part of the country. With the approaching of April month the daily temperature for most of the part of the country is 40 or more than 40 degree Celsius. The weather in the southern part is cooler compared to the northern parts with temperature about 35 degree Celsius but with more humidity.
By the end of May, the signs of monsoon begin to appear with increased humidity level and thunderstorms.

Even though the summer season in the country is quite uncomfortable but it is an ideal time to visit hill stations here like Kashmir, Nainital and Manali.

Monsoon Season

Normally monsoon season in India prevails in the months of June and July. There are lots of humidity and plenty of rain in almost all parts of the country. It also holds true that the monsoon pattern in India is not fixed as it might be heavy rain for some time and soon after it the sun shines or it might be cloudy for several days without any rain.

In the end, it can be safely said that the weather in India is diverse in nature in different parts of the country from colorful spring season, humid rainy season, and chilly winter to hot summer.