Indian population constitutes an amazing number of tribal populations with individual characteristic of each tribe.  According to Researchers, the population of tribal people is about 8.50% of the total population and residing in about 15% area of the country. These groups reside in more than one state and more than half of their populations reside mainly in the regions in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Gujarat and Chattisgarh. But no specific tribal group could be identified in some states of India such as Delhi, Punducherry, Punjab and Haryana.

Some of Indian tribes are on the edge of extinction but there are certain tribal groups which are very possessive about their identity and culture. Some of the prominent of these tribal communities are:

Tribal Community of Assam: Bodo

It is the actual ethnic Tribal community derived from the Bodo-Kachari Race. This tribe is the most progressive among all of its clan. The residing place of this tribal community is Brahamaputra valley and the language spoken by them is Tibeto-Burmese and their native language is known as Deodahi.

Tribal Community of Himachal Pradesh: Gaddis

This Tribal community resides in the Dauladher Range. The most peculiar characteristic of this tribe is their Khanabadosh nature. In other words, they are Gypsies in real terms as they move to higher pastures in the summer season.

For once they left India during their tough time but with the Chauhan Rajputs, they came back to Chamba region. Since then they are residing in the area and following their traditional values.

The main occupation of Gaddis is sheep rearing and wool making.

The Most Advanced Tribe of India: Orans

This tribe possesses a separate identity as it is the most progressive tribe found in India. Oran people have made their identity in the field of education, and places such as Churches.

Some of the most identified Oran people are Kartik Oran (Indian Congress Leader and Ex State Communication Minister), Oran P Smith who is a president of one Business Community in South Carolina and a martyr Kartik Oran.
Orans have now moved to metro cities like Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and also other cities.

Language spoken by Orans is Kurukh (member of the Dravidian Family).

Orans have taken different occupations comprising tea estate management in the regions of Assam and West Bengal etc.

Tribal Community of Jharkhand: Munda

The roots of this Tribal community are basically in Jharkhand, but they reside in other states also such as Bihar, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Orissa. They are also spread in Bangladesh.
This Tribal community has gained lots of respect. Birsa Munda of this community is a renowned prophet and a freedom fighter and is honored as God of the Jharkhand state.

Language spoken by Munda population is Mundari and the main occupation is fishing and earth cutting.

Tribal Community of North East: Hmar

This Tribal community resides in North East part of the country. The main roots of Hmar community are connected to China. They are a part of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo Tribal group. People of this tribe are famous for the bravery.

Languages spoken by them are Hindi, English and Hmar and their main occupation is cultivation. Hmars are changing with the time and participating in different sectors also by educating themselves.

In the end, there are many others Trible communities in India which are now coming in front to be the part of main stream of the nation but keeping their traditions and values intact at the same time.