Flora & Fauna

About one-fourth of total land in India is forested. India is a rich country in the matter of flora and fauna. It boasts of a great diversity in flora and fauna. It includes a large number of plants and species of animals. The favorable climatic conditions of the country aid to flora and fauna. The variety which is found in Indian flora and fauna is rarely found anywhere else in the world.


Some of the regions famous for flora include Western & Eastern Himalayas, Indus Plane, Assam, Ganges Plane, Malabar and the Andaman to name few.

India has been bestowed upon with dense woods, wildlife sanctuaries, vast plains, giant mountains and many other eco zones. A huge variety can be seen in trees, plants and flowers. About 45000 plant varieties are found in the country including Medicinal Plants, Bulb Plant and many others.

The flora treasure of the country varies from Alpine to moderate thorn and scrubs to deciduous woods. Pine, oak, deodar and sal, these are some of the prominent species of the Himalayan regions while sandalwood, rosewood, and Indian mahogany etc are found in country’s southern Peninsula. There are more than 15000 species in tropical and subtropical flowers which are found only in their respective favorable climatic zone.

Trees in the country are not only an inseparable part of the landscape but they also hold religious and cultural importance. Banyan Tree is the National Tree and Mango is the National Fruit of the country. Flowers with enchanting colors and fragrances offer a delightful sight to the onlooker.


Any discussion about the natural beauty of the country is incomplete without discussing about its wildlife. There are about 2000 species of birds, 30000 kinds of insects and about 500 different types of mammals are found here. In addition to this, a huge variation in fish and amphibians along with other reptiles etc can be seen.
Indian subcontinent is also a home to a number of animals that include predators and insects etc. World famous Royal Bengal Tiger is the National Animal of the country and beautiful as well as colorful peacock is the National Bird.

The virgin forest of the country acts a home to birds and animals in the country. A number of mammals are found in India such as the lions, elephants, Rhinoceros, Tigers, Wild Bisons and many other species of deer and monkeys etc.  The list of reptiles in India includes many types of lizards, snake and alligators etc.

Similar to plants and animals, India is also a home to huge variety of beautiful birds. Some of the common species found here comprise mynahs, pigeons, sparrows, parakeets, crow, parrots, ducks and many more.

Many actions have been taken by the government to protect the wildlife. A number of bird sanctuaries and many National Parks are being established and maintained to achieve the aim. National Parks of states such as Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal and Rajasthan etc are famous.

In the end it can be safely said that India has been blessed with the great variety of flora and fauna and offers a great opportunity to explore and come face to face with some of the most astonishing as well as beautiful creatures and plants.