Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

Reaching nearly 12,000 feet into the sky, the beautiful town of Leh is an amazing treasure to discover as you explore India. Its lofty elevation gives it a view that's stunning to say the least. The town is surrounded by mountains and rolling hills that beckon you to explore the flora and fauna. In fact, the town itself is a wonder. Old Town features a bazaar with plenty of shops and eateries. One of the crown jewels of Leh is the tandoori-pizza restaurants. Once you've tasted this treat, you'll want to visit Leh each year without question.

Feast your eyes on Leh Palace that's an amazing nine stories tall. There are countless stories of royals, warriors and everyday folk who define Leh's presence in the area. People often visit for the sightseeing and adventures among the hills and trees. There are even busy streams that cut through the topography. Visit with the locals in the morning, and then head out to the hills where you can find serenity and peace. There you'll find barley fields and garden homes that will often house tourists. Leh is a place where the sky defines the landscape as the mountains reach up to touch it.

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