Kashmir Travel Guide


Kashmir isn't a state, city or country. In fact, this region includes several geographical areas.  Three rivers move through this beautiful land, including the Chenab, Indus and Jehlum. They create water sources for animals living in the valleys while nourishing the plants along the way.

Look up and you'll see tall mountains lining the landscape, such as the world-famous Himalayas. Keep in mind that the elevation in Kashmir can be quite high, which means that oxygen is a limited resource. Take your time as you explore these lands for their unique flora and fauna.

Depending on the time of year, Kashmir might offer acres of blossoming flowers or countless numbers of slopes full of snow for your skiing pleasure. Plan out your visit so that you can enjoy the activities on your bucket list. Camping is a fantastic way to see Kashmir at your own pace. Pick the warmer seasons for this adventure. Set up camp in approved areas, which allows you to explore the area on foot for hours on end. Alternatively, there are plenty of lodging facilities for your relaxation when the temperatures are low.

Kashmir welcomes everyone with friendly people and exciting landmarks.