Kashmir, Jammu And Kashmir

Kashmir valley is a part of J & K in the northern region of India. It has varied people and geography. Though the black shadow of terrorism over shadowed its glistening image but things have improved now and the year 2011 witnessed the maximum number of visitors the state ever had. All the turmoil in the valley could not deprive the valley from its beauty and even today it is the dream of every visitor who comes to India to visit this heaven on earth.

Kashmir is a Sanskrit word meaning Land of Kashyap Rishi. Nature has bestowed Kashmir with incomparable and enigmatic beauty and other geographical and cultural diversities which can hardly be found any where in the world. That is why it is aptly called "Paradise on Earth".

Visit to Kashmir is like a dream comes true where one can simply feel the serenity and enchanting beauty around but find it hard to describe in words. The valley is world famous for its range of majestic mountains, serene rivers, climate, valleys covered with snows and a number of beautiful gardens which surround the visitors with ecstasy.

It is not just the beauty but also several adventurous activities and games that adds to the enjoyment of the place. Snow sports are quite famous especially skiing.

Golf is yet another popular game and every year competitions are organized at courses at Gulmarg and Pahalgam during spring, autumn and summer season.

There are number of enchanting places to visit in this beautiful valley but the most famous are Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Jammu and Srinagar.

Why Visit Kashmir?

Nature has bestowed Kashmir valley with unmatched beauty which allures its visitors to visit here again and again.

Reason to visit Kashmir can never be one but many such as unique experience to live in houseboats in Dal Lake and five star hotels where the food is served as per one’s choice and preference.

Some top reasons to visit Kashmir are:

Beauty of Kashmir

The very first reason is the charismatic beauty of the valley. Its breathtaking views can simply make anyone to forget home. It has all right from Gulmarg, Pahalgram and Sonamarg to Nishat and Tulip.

The valley is a home to the huge mountains and has vast lush green landscapes with flowers in different colors and of uncommon varieties.

A Relief from Scorching Summers

In northern planes of India, with temperature more than 40 degree in summers, Kashmir offers a great relief from the unforgiving heat.

Adventure Activities

Not only its scenic beauty and wonderful climate but its adventurous sports also make it the first choice of visitors coming to India. Visitors can actively take part in top class sports and activities like skiing and golfing etc.

Shop till You Drop

A Visit to Kashmir is certainly not complete until and unless you have not shop around, the state is highly rich in terms of handicrafts, items made of leather, hand embroidered shawls and dry fruits etc.

A true shopaholic will never miss the opportunity to shop in the floating market on Dal Lake or Sunday market at Lal Chowk.

Places Around


Srinagar is the capital of Jammu & Kashmir. Main attractions of the place are canals, houseboats, waterfalls and Gardens planted by Mughals.

The best time to visit this place is June to Mid-November and December to February.


This tourist destination in Kashmir is known for its captivating scenic beauty. Visitors enjoy a ride in the largest cable car, locally known as Gandola. Additionally, it also has highest golf course in the world.

Activities to indulge in Gulmarg are Golf, trekking, Gandola or Cable car ride, Skiing, Ice Skating, Sledge Ride and Horse ride etc.

The ideal time to visit this place is from May to September and November to February.


Pahalgam is popular for its trekking routes. Any angler would love to visit this place and even amateur is able to grab a colorful trout from its rushing streams. Visitors can also get a chance to see huge brown bear inhabitant of Pine & Cedar forests.

Main attractions of the place are Mamaleshwara, Tulian Lake, Baisaran and Aru.

There is so much to do. Visitors can enjoy playing golf, trekking, fishing, horse riding, rafting, sledge ride and sightseeing to name few.

The best time to visit is May to September and November to February.


Sonmarg is among the smallest resorts in Kashmir and also known as “Golden Meadow”. It is lying in the centre of a wonderful valley near Sindh River.  It acts as a base for a major trek passing from the sides of a number of mountain lakes. Visitors also take off from here for their visit to Ladakh.

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