Fatehpur Sikri

Uttar Pradesh

Discover the beauty within the capital of the Mughal Empire at Fatehpur Sikri. This city was enjoyed by Emperor Akbar in the late 1500s. You'll find not just one palace here but three palaces. The Emperor made sure that each of his three wives had a luxurious home of her own. A mosque was also constructed, which completes this marvelous, historical site.

You'll find Fatehpur Sikri just west of Agra, India. What sets this city apart is its amazing building materials. Red sandstone creates the mosque and palaces. During the daytime, the red hue remains at a subtle, visual level. Wait until sunset, however, and the red color glows with the waning sunlight. Walk among these historic buildings to truly feel the culture come alive.

Be sure to schedule an all-day visit too because there are many other structures to see and admire. The Tomb of Salim Chishti is a grand sight as its white color contrasts with the red sandstone surrounding it. Take a look below your feet too. The materials used to construct the pathways throughout Fatehpur Sikri are unique to the area.

When you're ready for a new look at India, Fatehpur Sikri delivers with its gorgeous architecture every time.

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